Your Mind Is Everything

"If you can be more right and more rational, you're going to get nonlinear returns in your life." -The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Isn't it fascinating that everything in your life is the result of how you think?

You are poor or rich based on whether you consider yourself poor or rich.

You are happy or unhappy based on whether you believe you are happy or unhappy.

Every external result in your life is based on the decisions you make, resulting from how you think.

You pay for your mistakes. You reap the rewards for things you get right.

Isn't it bizarre how few people spend time trying to improve their thinking?

Where is the "How To Think" 101 class in school?

Where are all the people obsessed with thinking better and actively trying to understand their own bias and dogma?

Our lack of awareness of our thinking is the great mind disease of our species, and it leads humanity into the worst places.

For you, the individual, your thinking is the key to unlocking anything and everything you want. And more than that, without getting your thinking right, no amount of external result will ever be enough.

How To Take Ownership and Control

  1. Accept reality - that you are in control of your mind
  2. Understand how it works so you can change it
  3. Become aware → apply constant improvement (kaizen)
  4. Apply a growth mindset to your mental world - put in the work
  5. Question and get feedback - set aside your EGO


  • Build Mental Huerstics: Always pay attention to your thoughts - Always take responsibility for your thoughts.
  • The first step is awareness.
  • As you become aware, you are given opportunities to catch yourself and make different decisions.
  • This will open your mind more and you’ll keep creating more opportunities to grow by paying attention to your thoughts.
  • Different modalities will bring you different results, but the constant is developing the HABIT OF BEING AWARE of your thoughts. This is the foundation of personal growth and development and why we put it at the top of the list.
  • Finally, you must control your speech
  • ACTION STEP: What you say is integral to controlling what you think. DO NOT SAY anything that is not useful or draws negative energy to you.

Bonus Lesson

Bonus Lesson Video here